Wednesday, 26 September 2018



Kia ora koutou
Ko Caleb tōku ingoa
No Māwhera ahau
Ko Pākehā tōku iwi
Ko Aoraki tōku maunga
Ko Māwheranui tōku awa
Ko Bennett Dewhurst tōku ingoa whanau
Ko  Kimberly tōku whaea
Ko  James tōku matua
Ko Aden tōku teina  
Ko Lillie tōku tuahine
Ko Pumpkin tōku punua ngeru
Ko Teddy tōku ngeru
Ko Penny tōku punua kuri.

Tena koutou katoa.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Tivaevae and quilt patterns

ski trip Response

Hi Guys On the fourteenth of August me and Room One went do Porter Heights near Christchurch. It was my first time going to Porter Heights.  It was my first time touching the snow, it was different than I thought it would feel like but I still enjoyed it. It was very hard to get past the beginners slope but I got through it. 

St john

I really liked going to st john  because there was lots of different things there that I never knew about How to do CPR . The one thing I didn’t like was the Creepy mannequins. It was very interesting I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Refugees work

Shark attack Poem

  Shark Attack

Shadows moving around
Hoping that they are not there.
Alarmed as the sea beasts approaches
racing through the sea
Their  fins cutting like a knife.
Afraid I might lose a limb  
Tearing through flesh  
Terrified  as they come close
Afraid I don’t know what to do.  
Screaming  for help
kicking for my life

Rendered Image

Monday, 3 September 2018

High school came to play the game that they made

On Tuesday 28 of August Year 10's from Greymouth High School walked from Greymouth  to play a game. First we played two games of Seaweed and after that the school bell rung for play time.  After play time we did circuits around the court and  after that we played a game on the field  where it was blue vs green and then green vs Nonbibs.  The game was pretty much like netball but no contact Sport.